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About Us

Our History

At 3N’s Vacation Services, we have the distinction of being the very first travel agency in Staniel Cay, a small island in the Exuma Cays in the Bahamas. Our main goal is to show everyone the magic of our amazing home and ensure that each and every one of our guests enjoys personalized service on their Bahamas vacation.

We are a family-owned business, as well as the only locally-owned travel agency on the island, so we’re experts when it comes to crafting special Bahamas holidays for guests. Our services include day tours, multi-day tours, beach house rentals, resort accommodation, golf cart rentals, wedding and event planning services, and provisioning for your stay on Staniel Cay.

The Story Behind the Name

The three N’s in our name are a tribute to the three generations of women who created and grew this business. Read a little bit about them below:


Nikki is the owner of 3N’s Vacation Services and a native of Staniel Cay. With over 30 years of experience working in hospitality throughout the Exuma Cays, Nikki loves working with guests and has a passion for ensuring that anyone who comes to the island is treated like family. She started 3N’s Vacation Services over 15 years ago when she decided to turn her talent and passion for creating memorable Bahamas vacations into a business and has since expanded it to include more tours and services for anyone visiting Nassau, the Exuma Cays, or the surrounding areas.


Nellie, Nikki’s mother, is another one of the three Ns that makes up our company name. Nellie always encouraged her daughter to start a travel agency because of her talent for serving guests and her in-depth knowledge of the Exuma Cays (and Staniel Cay in particular). As a tribute to Nellie who has since passed away, Nikki decided to make her dream a reality and created 3N’s Vacation Services, a name chosen with her mother in mind.


Another reason why Nikki decided to create 3N’s Vacation Services was so she could leave something for her daughter Natajia. Like her mother, Natajia also has a passion for hospitality and is enthusiastic about providing personalized service to all 3N’s guests. For now, she is busy traveling the world gaining experience, and her adventures have taken her from Dubai to China. However, her home is in Staniel Cay, and she looks forward to eventually settling back there to continue what her mother started. Although she has not completed her world tour, Natajia is still an active part of 3N’s Vacation Services and may be the one responding to your emails.

Where We Are Now

After several requests from our guests for help arranging other trips around the Bahamas, we decided to go for it! 3N’s Vacation Services now serves guests interested in traveling to other islands in the Exuma Cays, Nassau, and beyond. In order to achieve this, we have created several tour packages for the most frequently requested locations and activities and have expanded our business to include even more premium tour and accommodation options.

Our goal is to make your vacation as stress free as possible and to help out any way that we can, whether that’s walking you through getting married in the Bahamas or helping you plan day trips from Nassau. For more information, check out our frequently asked questions or reach out to us! We look forward to helping you plan your perfect holiday in the Bahamas.

Our Promise is Premium Service

When our guests say “This was the best vacation ever” and “Thank you for making this trip memorable”, that’s when we know we’ve offered 3N’s signature service. With each and every interaction, we are dedicated to offering our guests service that is above the basic. Our goal is always to provide a “WOW experience” that will keep our guests smiling from ear to ear. Exceeding expectations by providing personalized and empathetic service is not just what we do: it’s who we are. By choosing 3N’s, you are choosing premium service at an affordable price. Our intent is for you to come as a customer and leave as a friend. It would be our pleasure to serve you.

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