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Top 5 Bahamas Bucket List Beaches – The Country’s Most Famous Beaches

There is something about sinking your toes in the sand of any of the gorgeous beaches in the Bahamas! The sand is so soft, smooth and warm, making you want to stay there forever! While you can simply wander to any beach on any of the islands, there are a few beaches that are more iconic than all the rest. Therefore, it is recommended that you visit at least a couple of the top five during your time in paradise. Besides being beautiful, these are the beaches that have unique elements that can’t easily be found anywhere else in the world.


1. Pink Sand Beach on Harbor Island

Harbor Island can be found over in the Out Islands, which are only fifty miles to the east of Nassau. Reaching this beach is as easy as flying into North Eleuthera Airport or taking a ferry boat over from Nassau. There are day tours available that offer a cruise to Harbor Island as well as an island tour and time spent at the iconic pink sand beach.

Once you arrive on Harbor Island, you will want to go to the eastern side, as that is where Pink Sand Beach is located. This beach is between fifty and one hundred feet wide, and it stretches for over three miles in length. The sand is a sparkling pink from the Foraminifera scattered about. The Foraminifera are microscopic shelled animals, and once they wash up onto the shoreline, the pink and red shells give the sand a shimmering pink hue.

When you are not sitting and relaxing on the sand, you may find yourself out in the water doing a little swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, or jet skiing. If you are tired of the water or want to see the entire beach without walking, it is recommended that you go horseback riding.

Celebrities love Pink Sand Beach, and you may find yourself spotting your favorites during your visit. Past celebrity visitors include Jennifer Aniston, Cameron Diaz, Elle Macpherson, and Uma Thurman.

2. Pig Beach in the Exuma Cays

The swimming pigs are the biggest celebrities in the country. The swimming pigs on Pig Beach can be found on Big Major Cay, which is part of the Exuma Cays. You can only reach this beach via boat and while Staniel Cay is the closest island, you can also take a boat ride from Nassau and George Town. Many tourists take a flight into Staniel Cay and a boat tour from there since that is the most convenient way.

The water at this beach is crystal clear, so be prepared to see the bottom and everything swimming around quite easily. A visit to Pig Beach is a staple item on any bucket list! People come from far and wide to have the opportunity to take a selfie or feed one of these cute creatures.

Johnny Depp is one of the many celebrities that have fallen in love with Pig Beach, and while you may spot celebrities on this island, you will have a better chance of catching a glimpse of them on the private islands they have purchased nearby. Other celebrities that have visited the island are NBA stars LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, and Carmelo Anthony, as well as TV and music icons like Kim Kardashian and Pitbull, just to name a few.

3. Pearl Island Beach on a Private Island Near Nassau

Pearl Island is a private island only thirty minutes away from Nassau via boat. As soon as you arrive on this beach, you are going to be torn as to what you should do first.

While you can immediately sit on the sand or jump in the water, you may want to walk to the lighthouse to see the gorgeous views before you do anything else. A little snorkeling, kayaking, or paddle boarding will have you enjoying your surroundings before relaxing with a drink in your hand. Make sure you stop at the island store before you leave, as it is the perfect spot to grab a souvenir or two of your time at this beach. Pearl Island Beach has a daily cruise that comes in from Nassau so you can spend the day there lounging and enjoying the water sports then return to Nassau in the late afternoon.

4. Junkanoo Beach in Nassau

Junkanoo Beach in Nassau is also called Western Esplanade Beach and Lighthouse Beach, and it is frequently visited by those who are arriving in port via all the cruise ships. It is easy to walk to this beach, but you can also grab a cab right after walking down the pier. The walk is approximately a mile, so it will take you about fifteen to twenty minutes to reach this stunning stretch of sand. Simply turn right after walking down the pier, pass the straw market and Señor Frog’s, and keep going until you reach the British Colonial Hilton Hotel. The beach is in the ideal location because it’s conveniently located near several restaurants as well as shopping areas.

Once you arrive on this white sandy beach, you can sit on a beach bed under the palm trees, watch the cruise ships coming into port, or do a little horseback riding. Don’t forget to take a dip in the water because it is warm and very inviting.

You never know when you will spot a celebrity anywhere in Nassau, but keep your eyes open, as people have spotted Toby Keith, John Smoltz, Mia Hamm, Jessica Alba, and many others.

5. Treasure Cay Beach in Abacos

Treasure Cay Beach can be found in Abacos, and it is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in all the Caribbean. You can choose to fly directly to Treasure Cay and land at the Treasure Cay International Airport, or you can take one of the ferries over from Nassau.

The soft white sand of Treasure Island Beach continues for three and a half miles, and that sand leads to sparkling water that is perfect for swimming. It is recommended that you rent a kayak, jet ski, or banana boat for the beginning of your day so you can explore the water surrounding the island. Afterwards, you can relax on the sand before grabbing a drink and something to eat from the nearby Coco Beach Bar & Grill.

It is important to note that this beach suffered damage from the recent hurricane and is not reachable at the moment. However, the locals are working hard to clear out the debris so that everyone can spend time on this fabulous beach once again.

These five beaches must be on your Bahamas bucket list because they are just that amazing! Add at least one of them to your list the next time you are visiting the Bahamas and see how wonderful they are for yourself. Of course, once you see one, you will quickly find yourself scurrying to see all the others before you leave!


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